Friday, November 16, 2007

The Happily Married Housewife

I don't know about you other women but I am happily married! Just thinking about my burping, farting,snoring, eating like it's the last meal on earth, scratching my treasures in public, 1 minute lover of a husband give me a tingly. Ahhhhh wedded bliss, I can only imagine it's just gets better and better and in the next 30 years I believe he will have perfected all those endearing qualities and quite possibly will be able to perform them all at once!! WOW...I gotta lot to look forward to.
Even better, we have a son and thank god he has a tradition to pass on to him. He's even started, I have never seen such bliss when they play the "pull my finger" game. It's a bond between father and son that knows no bounds. I must say, don't think there is another woman on this earth who's has lucky as me. If you are luckier then me...please PLEASE share your story and I will post your comment for all the other luckies to see! Don't forget to read my Poem about these wonderful men called "Prince Charming." As you can probably see, I have a little time on my hands so scroll down and view some of the ads and if ya like em ...join em. Some are great for launching your website and a some can make you a few extra bucks a day cause you know your man isn't gonna open up the wallet for a little shop therapy!

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