Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are you completely frustrated finding legitimate work on the Internet? Are you trying to wade through the work from home schemes that flood your searches? I have spent the last few years searching for work from home and as the economy worsened and I had my hours reduced from my brick and mortar job, I became desperate. Quite by accident, I stumbled on a few websites that helped me on my way to being totally supported by my online work. These business' have been bringing me income for the last few months. Granted the work is hard, it is steady and so much less stressful to do.

The first and perhaps most essential is This amazing website scours the internet for legitimate jobs and has thousands to choose from. I have applied to and been accepted by two so far.

The next site and the most lucrative is There are many jobs posted to apply for. I personally have two jobs from that website. It outsources you to companies that are looking for at home workers to do a variety of tasks. You get paid through Paypal so you must have a premier or business Paypal account. There are no start up fees to apply to any position on this website.

Lastly, this website has a product that is completely free to give away. There is no selling involved and you receive residual income. There is a small monthly fee to maintain your website but within a VERY short period of time, you are making that back and much more. What is easier than giving something away and especially something people so desperately need in this economy? This website is

If you try these and they work for you then pay it forward! I have personally helped at least five friends and family start on their way to financial independence and there is nothing more rewarding to me than that!

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